Do You Know How to Write an Analysis Essay?

The Different Types of Analysis required for an Analysis Essay

Analysis essay As you move on to high school and college, the need for sharpening analysis skills will be quite evident from the assignments you will receive. Most of them will have the action work or the instruction to “analyse” in the assignment instruction sheet. This means, you need to be writing an analysis essay. This sort of essays requires you to think critically. The objective would be to prompt the students to assess a text, a scenario, behaviour or any other phenomena in order to gain a deep understanding of the subject.

Different Types of Analysis Essays

There are different types of essays written for analysis essay assignments. Let us take a closer look at these types.

• Literary Analysis Essays – A literary analysis is one where you will be provided a certain text and asked to read and understand it as well as analyse the content, message, style etc of the work of literature in context. The analysis requires students to break down the entire work into segments that constitute the whole. You need to analyse each element separately and then establish the relationships between these individual elements and the overall creative work. By doing so, you will be able to meet the expectations of analytical skills to be demonstrated in the essay. The analysis should be critical and unbiased to be effective. To write a literary analysis, you should ensure through familiarity with the work of literature. After all, you cannot begin to analyze something which you do not understand. So, start the essay writing from pre-writing phase where you read and do the required research work prior to the writing of the essay.

• Character Analysis Essay – A character analysis is often assigned as a part of literature or drama coursework where you will need to understand the role, the message and the purpose of a certain character in a play or a plot. You need to apply the analysis skill by dissecting the elements of the character in to the role, the status, linkages and relationships to other characters, predominant traits etc. A successful character analysis will also establish the role of the chosen character within the overall work and how successful the actor or performer was in portraying the intended role. The most important aspect of this essay is for you to select a character which interests you.

• Process Analysis Essays – The process analysis essay will have the writer providing the reader with a step by step explanation of how to do something, how something works, or how something happened. The information is provided with logical explanations and sequential order or a chronological order. To write a process analysis essay, you must first break the entire task in to a set of sub tasks and then explain these sub tasks in relation to the overall process. Expository essay writing style can be the most suited writing style for process essay where there are no opinions or arguments being presented but, just simple informative expository writing.

• Scenario or case analysis essays – here, the focus would be to analyse a certain scenario or a case with limited information that pertains to the situation. These types of analysis essay assignments are common for many subjects as business studies, law, nursing, psychology etc. The student will need to apply various theoretical frameworks and models to analyse the situation or the given scenario.

General Essay Writing Tips

First of all, if you are not assigned the topic, you should select something which you find interesting to discuss and analyze. More conversant or familiar you are with the subject, deeper can be our analysis. Next step would be for you to identify the material to be analysed and read widely. This is not only on the source information, but also supporting evidence that you can draw upon to write the analysis essay. Next step will be to draw up the outline and move on to the writing process. Once the writing is complete, set the essay aside for at least a day if time permits. Pre-writing works best after your brain takes a rest from the essay writing. Come back to the essay and edit and proofread it to perfection. Your tutor will not be able to resist giving you an A for the analytical skills you have combined with your essay writing skills. Visit our sample gallery to locate various types of essay samples that can give you practical guidance of how different essays are written.

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