How to Write an Impressive Harvard Application Essay

What Would the Selectors Look for in a Successful Applicant when Writing the Harvard Application Essay?

Founded in 1636, Harvard University is one of the best universities in America. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts it was the first university in America. It is a university devoted to teaching, learning and research, and is responsible of developing some outstanding persons who make a difference in the global community. Harvard University offers students the ability to experience an unparalleled learning experience unlike any other university. If you are interested in becoming a member of this prestigious academic institution you need to submit a unique Harvard application essay. This institution has a long history of admitting only the best students to their university. Therefore, you need to ensure that you know how to write essay in the most outstanding manner.

What is the Purpose of the Essay?

As with any other admission essay, the purpose of this essay is two-fold. On your part, the essay helps you to provide the Board with an understanding of your qualities and capabilities. These attributes may not be highlighted in your transcripts. This information enables the Board to have a better understanding of you. The essay helps the Board at the university to decide if you are the best suited for their academic institution. Based on the essay, the Board decides whether you possess the right personality and qualities that they seek. One tip, which will be of great value to you when writing the Harvard application essay, is to find out the selection criteria for the university. This will give you a guideline as to what they expect from their applicants.

Selection Criteria for Harvard University

The selection of the first-year students for Harvard is extremely strict. Harvard requires “well-rounded” students. They look for students who possess outstanding qualities that can be proudly displayed. They look for students who are outstanding in not only their field of study, but also in other fields of study. You need to be an outstanding high school student with excellent grades, if you are applying to Harvard. Other factors that make you more eligible for selection include community involvement, distinctions in extracurricular activities and outstanding leadership qualities. Make sure that your essay showcases these qualities when writing.

How to Write the Essay

You may be greatly stressed about how to write essay for Harvard University. You may, most often, be presented with a list or one prompt to help you through the process. Select the best topic that enables you to present your best qualities to the Board.
• Focus your essay on who you are and do not go overboard on your achievements.
• Provide vividly explained facts, evidence, and information demonstrating your worthiness to be selected to this esteemed organization.
• Be unique and write differently than the other applicants’ essays.
• Avoid repeating what is written in the application.
• Be concise and coherent.

There is stiff competition between students applying for college, especially a well-recognized university such as Harvard. Therefore, you need to be sure to submit the most outstanding essay. If you need help writing the Harvard application essay, you should go through some college application essays written by Harvard applicants. If you need more help with writing your essay, go through some samples of essays from our sample gallery.

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