German Essay is for the Language Students

Map of Germany, colored into the colors of the German flagBy Choosing Something German to Write on You Can Fuel up the German Essay Writing Process

Foreign languages cannot be mastered easily. So, if you are one of those brave and exploratory type individuals that have decided to learn German, which is not your native language, then hats off to you! Writing essays will be a major part of learning a foreign language and will be even more difficult than writing them in your mother tongue. Foreign languages are not as easy to decipher as the English language. But then again, the same may be thought about the English language by foreign students! Whatever, the case may be, there are several essential tips to note when you are assigned the German essay for your foreign language class.

A Little bit about Germany

When you decide to take a class in foreign languages, and grasp the German language, you need to know a little bit about the country in general. This will enable an easier writing process. Considered one of the most prosperous countries in the European region, Germany is also rich in its history, traditions and customs. Therefore, if you are to excel at writing an essay in German, you need to know as much about the history of Germany, the consequences of past actions and Germany in the present day.

Topics for the Essay

An essay in German does not necessarily have to address anything that pertains to the country. At preliminary stages of writing, you will certainly lack the skills to write informatively on such topics. You may just be starting with your “myself”, “my holiday” and any other elementary type of topics. But, once you move on to advance stages in the language class, you may have the topic choice in your hand. Then, it is worthwhile for you to write on various matters that pertain to Germany.

You can talk about politics in Germany, past and present, artists in Germany such as Gerhard Richter and Johan Sebastian Bach etc. Do not forget supermodel Claudia Schiffer and racing car driver Michael Schumacher. Albert Einstein the famous inventor and mathematician was also from Germany. And last but not least, Adolf Hitler who was responsible for genocide and devastation during World War II, if you are looking to write a controversial essay. But it is wise to skip that topic if your tutor is German as he or she is likely to be sensitive of this topic. In addition, your German essay can also concentrate on German culture, behaviour, politics and customs. Any one of these topics will make for excellent reading. Keep your German topics simple and uncomplicated. You do not wish to get stuck halfway through the writing process because of language disabilities as a result of complex topic selection.

Writing the Essay

Writing this essay is similar to that of writing any other foreign language essay from Spanish essay to French essays. You need to pay considerable attention to German words, phrases, conjunctions etc. Keep in mind that German writing may differ greatly from how it is spoken. It is strongly advised that you read as many German books as possible to make the writing process easier. However, this should be done before the essay is assigned.

The prewriting stage of the essay requires you to plan out what you would write. Therefore, create an outline and include the information pertaining to the topic selected in the proper order. For example if you were writing an autobiography essay on a famous German person, there will be a plethora of information. Including these in order such as childhood, adolescence, adulthood etc will enable your reader to understand the content better. The best method of ensuring high grades for the essay is to consider an essay written in class or refer to few good sample essays. This will enable you to incorporate words and phrases that you are already familiar with instead of looking for the right words to write the essay.

The German essay is assigned so that the teacher is able to gage the student’s language prowess. Therefore, you need to go through as many of our sample essays from our sample gallery to obtain an idea of how to write the essay. We are yet to put together foreign language sample essays but promise to do so soon!

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