Persuasive Essay on the Importance of Education

Tips and Points on How to Write a Persuasive Essay on the Importance of Education

A persuasive essay is written on persuading the reader to agree with your point of view. To make a persuasive essay effective, you need come up with evidence to back your viewpoint and write the essay using your powers of persuasion. Think of a cordial argument you have with your friends or family. Think of how you may have convinced a customer to buy a particular product or how you have advised a friend to change a habit. All these scenarios involve persuasion. There are many topics that can be considered when you have to write a persuasive essay. You can select a topic based on how you feel about the topic. However, if you are assigned a topic, there is nothing much you can do, but to do the best job you can of writing it. One topic you may be assigned is the writing of a persuasive essay on the importance of education. How will you handle the writing of such as topic?

We all agree that education is important to become someone in life. Education enables you to use your potential to the maximum extent. With proper education, you learn how to think and make decisions, how to speak and how to act in the proper manner. As you study deeper and extend your educational qualifications, you can also accumulate a large body of knowledge on a particular subject area. Education is as important as your three basic requirements in life, food, clothes and shelter. Now that we have established the importance of education, let’s go further and examine a few topic choices on its importance.

The Importance of Education at an Early Age – This topic can discuss the importance of pre-kindergarten education. There are many opinions regarding children entering kindergarten before the age of 5. However, you can write a persuasive essay informing the reader on why children should be enrolled in pre-kindergarten before this age. You can inform the reader on how children in pre-kindergarten have higher IQ scores, are better behaved and learn faster than those not enrolled in pre-kindergarten.

The Importance of Education for Seniors – This is another method of handling your persuasive essay on the importance of education. Many people feel that once you are of a certain age, you need not spend time learning new things. This is a wrong assumption. It is never too late to learn new things. You can write an essay persuading reader on why education is important to senior citizens even at this late stage in life. You can write the advantages of an education for seniors as in an advantages essay about how education gives seniors a purpose in life, makes them happier and keeps their minds alert etc.

The Importance of Education in Third World Countries – Proper education is sorely lacking in third world countries. Education, for these countries, is essential to build a strong economy. A country needs a good education system to produce people who can help develop the nation. This is not possible without a good education system as the country has to look for alternative answers. This factor causes the country’s economy to suffer.

Now you have a few basic topics which you can consider when assigned the persuasive essay on the importance of education. Important tip to note; always conclude your essay with a few phrases on why education is important. Once you have completed the essay, read it and examine it from the reader’s point of view. Your essay will be a success if you feel that the manner in which you have written in persuasive enough to make the reader agree with your viewpoint. If you need assistance with your essay, go through a few sample essays in our sample gallery.

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