How to Write an Environmental Pollution Essay?

planet earth coughing because of the environmentap pollutionHeightened Awareness of Environmental Pollution Can be the Purpose of Your Environmental Pollution Essay

An essay on environmental pollution is a good wake up call for all students. It educates them on the importance of protecting the environment and provides them with ideas on how to do so. In addition, they are educated on how humans cause untold damage to the environment by accident and on purpose. This is a very serious social issue. Therefore, a great deal of thought and consideration should be applied to your writing of the environmental pollution essay. Here’s how to write essay on the subject of environment.

Understanding Environmental Pollution

What is environmental pollution? Most of you may not know what it is. Environmental pollution is the contamination or poisoning of the environment through harmful substances. Environmental pollution has many categories. Some of these are air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution. Air pollution is the release of harmful and noxious fumes into the atmosphere. You will be able to see an example of this from the smoke stacks of factories. Water pollution is the release of waste products and other contaminants into water. Noise pollution is the noises caused by construction, air planes, car horns etc. These are just some of the ways in which we pollute our environment. We also pollute the environment by dumping garbage, not recycling etc. Now that you have a basic understanding of writing the essay, let’s get down to it.

Writing the Essay

The environmental pollution essay is very similar to that of the global warming essay. You would have been assigned this type of essay earlier in the term. There are many ways in which you could write the essay. For example, you can write it as a cause and effect essay, writing on the causes of environmental pollution and its effect on Earth and all its inhabitants. You will also be able to write the essay persuasively by making a point and persuading the reader on the validity of the point. For example, you can inform the reader on the dangers of environmental pollution and suggest something that can be done to reduce pollution. An opinion essay will enable you to state an opinion and suggest how we can educate everyone to look after the environment. An informative essay will provide the reader vital information about all aspects of environmental pollution. An essay written informatively requires the analysis of facts and figures in order to educate the reader. Trends of pollution levels, the level of emissions from vehicles, the approved levels of the Keyoto Protocol emission levels etc. are examples of such information.

Important Tips when Writing the Essay

This type of essay cannot be handled successfully if you do not plan and organize your work accordingly. Getting organized is one of the most important factors of your pre-writing stage. Select the best topic that enables you to write a rewarding essay, and build an outline based on the information you have gathered. The outline enables you to include vital information into the essay that otherwise, would have been missed. Keep in mind an essay’s authenticity depends on the sources cited to add credibility to your work. Therefore, select the best and reputed sources to cite in your paper.

Writing clearly and carefully and ensuring no errors in your paper will guarantee you to be one of the students in your class who gets an A+ for your environmental pollution essay. Now you know how to write essay, let’s get down to doing a smashing job out of it.

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