A Sample Pros and Cons Essay

A Pros and Cons Essay Sample Can Help Students Gain an Understanding of How to Write Essays of This Type

Here is an essay sample written in Pros and Cons Essay style on the subject of Industrial Revolution. It is a short essay and hence, the writer choose to cite only the key points relevant to the subject area.

Weighing the Benefits of Industrial Revolution —- EssayTitle

The industrial revolution was an important phenomenon that took place in the 18th – 19th century, which carried massive and sustained influence over socioeconomic and cultural aspects of the society. During this period, great changes such in transportation, manufacturing, mining, technology and most importantly agriculture came to being. The industrial revolution that started in Great Britain later spread to other parts of the world, through Europe, USA and the rest of the world. Life changed almost in every way, as a result of this monumental turning point in history. These changes brought both pros and cons to human society. —– First sentence is your introduction to the topic. Few additional sentences outline the main points. Last sentence state the thesis statement of the essay.

This historic change occurred in Britain because of the ideal circumstances provided for the industrial revolution. Britain was rich in natural recourses, which could meet, the needs of the people around the world. It was already operating a number of industries as mining, textile and agriculture with manual labor. This set the proper backdrop for changes and developments to take place. One of the vital elements that set Britain apart from the other countries was three distinctive social aspects which were a modern government, modern work attitudes and education. The British academia itself was central to innovations and scientific discoveries as well as the spread of scientific manufacturing concepts and conceptualization of economic benefits from mass productions. ——— This body paragraph describe the backdrop and overview of industrial revolution. 

The changes brought forth through the industrial revolution carried many benefits to society. For the first time in history, there was a remarkable and sustained change in the income levels and quality of lives of people. As the new economic shifted the social power base from land owners to manufacturing industry owners, the feudal societies disintegrated, placing autonomy in the hands of lower strata of society. The new inventions took place such as the introduction of electricity, mechanization of production and invention of the steam engine and the spin wheel. The production capacities expanded exponentially and opened up new job opportunities to many people. The British society became a model to other parts of the world. ——- Here is the pros segment of the essay. 

There were many negative effects of this revolution as well. It wiped out the cottage industries such as wool spinning and artisan textile manufacturing in Britain. With the industrialization came urbanization, increasing the population density in industrial cities and towns. People left their farming lifestyles to find jobs in the city, leaving behind their families, causing major disruptions to family lives. Other negative influences included an increase in child labor, congested working conditions in factories, decrease in work ethics as well as increased pollution. Many people also believed that this great change gave rise to people becoming lethargic. As manual labor decreased and mechanization reduced the need for hard labor at work as well as in day to day life, people received less exercise and were more prone to be affected by obesity.-——— This paragraph discuss the cons of industrial revolution. 

It is quite obvious that the industrial revolution brought about changes in to human civilization that were unprecedented and monumental in scale. The spread of industrialization across the world ensures the disparity between nations that are industrialized vs. those based on agrarian or nomadic cultures continue to disappear. While there are both pros and cons that resulted from the industrial revolution, it is my opinion that the benefits brought about to the mankind through industrialization is no doubt outweigh the disadvantages and negatives arising out of the same phenomena.–—– This is your conclusion, including your own view point being reiterated. 



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