Understanding How to Write a Rosa Parks Essay

A Thorough Knowledge of Rosa Park’s Life Story is Necessary to Write a Rosa Parks Essay

Rosa Parks was an active member of the Civil Rights Movement in 1943. She is an icon that gained recognition through the Montgomery bus boycott and many other movements that were instrumental in gaining basic civil rights to African Americans. Rosa Parks was awarded the Presidential Medal for Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. The Rosa Parks essay is an assignment that many American high school students will face for their coursework in human rights, political studies or American history. Here are few tips on how to write essay for this interesting assignment.

About Rosa Parks

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was born in February 4th 1913. In December 1st 1955, Rosa’s name gained much recognition after she defied the order of James F Blake, a bus driver, to give up her seat to a white passenger. This small act of bravery cost her, her job as a seamstress. However, this incident was a turning point for Rosa Parks. She later joined the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP). She remained an active member of the NAACP and in 1987 founded the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development an institution responsible for educating young people on civil rights. Rosa Parks died on 24th October 2005.

How to Write the Essay

A Rosa Parks essay can be written in many ways. It might be a difficult choice to select a good essay topic as there are many possible topics to choose from. You can consider writing about Rosa Parks, the person, Rosa Parks the civil activist or Rosa Parks and her contribution to civil rights. You can also consider writing about Rosa Parks and the people who influenced her path, the Montgomery Bus Boycott and Rosa Parks and her later life. Another method of writing the essay is by writing about the awards received by Rosa Parks. You can also discuss Rosa Parks the writer. Whatever method you choose to write the essay, you need to be thorough with your knowledge about this iconic person and her activities. Reading her biography, reading about civil rights and the Montgomery Bus Boycott will educate you and provide you many ideas about how to write the essay.

Writing the Essay

Racial topics are quite controversial. Therefore, you need to handle the writing of the essay very carefully. Always make sure that the sources you use for research are reliable and reputed. Information gathered for the writing of controversial essaysneeds to be 100% reliable and accurate. Controversial essays are often read by readers with varying points of view on the subject. Therefore, if you do not use reliable and accurate sources it provides the reader with the leverage to find fault with the essay. Always be sure to cite your sources as this provides authenticity to your essay.

Writing a Rosa Parks essay is an easy task once you find a good topic. Keep in mind most topics are broad and you need to narrow them considerably in order to write a cohesive essay. However, with a good topic and knowledge of how to write essay, you will be able to receive a high mark for the essay. If you need further help, go through our sample gallery and gather the knowledge necessary.

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