The Simple Task of Writing the 3 Paragraph Essay

Do not Overlook Important Factors when Writing the 3 Paragraph Essay

If you are assigned the writing of a 3 paragraph essay, do not make the mistake of underestimating it to be too easy. Writing a complete essay within just 3 paragraphs takes skills in writing concisely and precisely. This is the stepping stone into more advanced essay writing and the format is taught to students from middle school. If you master the skills of how to write essay with 3 paragraphs, you will find the writing of the more complex five paragraph essay, a simple task. You should not however, overlook some extremely vital factors when writing the essay. Let us run through these main points needing due attention. .

Structure of the Essay

As the name suggests your essay contains only three paragraphs. The first section of the essay is the essay introduction. This is the part where you will introduce the topic and the thesis statement. This is where you will inform the reader about what you will be discussing in the essay. This section should be intriguing to the reader, as this is where you will be able to catch the reader’s attention. If you can get the reader to go past the introduction, you have achieved a crucial goal. The second section of the essay is referred to as the “body”. This section will build on the thesis statement and provide proof to the theories presented with reputed sources. The last section of the essay is the conclusion. This states that you have argued your points, and now the essay is complete.

More about the Essay and its Sections

As mentioned above, the 3 paragraph essay has only three sections. These are the introduction, body and conclusion. The writing of this essay requires the formulation of an essay outline. This will help you in arranging the content in a coherent manner. It is always advisable to engage in prewriting activities as brainstorming, title formulation, drafting structure and outline etc. before you embark on the actual writing. Once you start off the introduction, close it with a proper thesis statement. The body of the essay must add credibility to your essay. This comes in the form of information which you would present to the reader. Research for your topic can be found through online sources and libraries. However, you should be careful about online sources as some of them may not be reputed. In addition, when writing the essay, you should also consider the citations. For example, if your essay is written according to the MLA style, your citations should be in adherence to this style of writing. The conclusion of the essay should provide closure to the reader. You will summarize and emphasize the main points of the essay in this section and end with a call for action depending on your topic.

Writing an essay of any type can be extremely tough for some students. These students will be benefited by going through some examples of essay written in 3 paragraphs. If you need help writing your 3 paragraph essay, you should go through some samples from our sample gallery. This will help you figure out how to write essay in a simple 3 paragraph structure.