What Makes Your Autobiography Essay “Hard-to–Put-Down-While-Reading”?

Include Interesting Aspects of your Life in an Autobiography Essay

There are many types of essays you will be assigned to write for high school. One of the essays that you can expect at least once in your high school life is an autobiography essay. This essay is an excellent opportunity for you to write about yourself. It is an essay that will prepare you for the writing you can expect when applying for college or a job. If you dread the thought of writing this essay, you will be happy to know it is not that tough. Read on to find out how to write essay for this type of assignment.

Writing the Essay

Writing this essay is similar to that of a narrative essay. It is written in the first person, and you have to provide the reader interesting information about yourself. If you think your life is boring and lacks the spice to make it interesting, think of some way you can make it interesting for the reader. This is the only way you can score high. Therefore, firstly, you need to do delve into your own life. Begin with a close examination of yourself and your life, and write down milestones, turning points, critical incidents and other interesting attributes of yourself as a person. All of them need not be positive. IN addition, you need to consider some basic elements that can be included in the essay. We have listed them below.

Family Background – When we say family background it is not about your family, but about your background. This includes your birth date, place of birth, an overview of your personality, likes and dislikes and what makes you, you. Please do not provide this information in the blandest manner possible by introducing just statistics. Try and make it as interesting to the reader. Remember, although you think your life is boring, it may not be so for others.

Childhood – Your childhood is another important element to your autobiography essay. Your childhood may not be an exciting one to you, but it can be an exciting one to others. For example, if you are born in the city and have lived in the city all your life, your life is an interesting story for someone who has never lived in the city. So, think of something in your childhood that can be unique to others and incorporate this into your essay.

Life turning events – You can include milestones, critical incidents as a trauma or an achievement that made you who you are today. You may also write of your inspirational sources.

Once you find interesting facts about your life, things that make you who you are, you can select a few of these and establish a theme you can work with. You can use one day of your life as the theme for the essay or you can consider an important happening.

Important Factors to Consider when Writing

You cannot begin writing the essay at once just because you have a theme. You need to plan your essay. Start with an attention-grabbing essay introduction and write in a style you are comfortable with. Adhere to the rules of essay writing. These include a proper title, interesting introduction, proper body paragraphs and a balanced conclusion. If you can adhere to these methods of writing you should be able to submit a proper essay.

Writing an autobiography essay is an interesting and often times, easy task. If you do not know how to write essay, you should go through some samples of essays from our sample gallery. These can provide you essential information on how to write your essay.