Degree Essays Need to Score High to Ensure a Seat at the Convocation

a guy celebrating graduation, throwing his graduation cup up highWell Written Degree Essays bring Students Closer to Attaining the Degree

A degree is an academic achievement which many of you attending university strive to obtain. This can be a Bachelor’s Degree a Master’s Degree or even a PhD. Whatever the degree you are studying for, being able to complete the assignments and coursework to a high standard will be a prerequisite, if you expect to gain a place in the convocation line. Writing of essays that meets degree level expectations is one of the most critical aspects in the university studies. Essays make up a large part of the coursework curriculum and students must therefore be ready to write well structured, well researched essays that run on to many pages. Learning how to write a wide array of essays ranging from analysis essays to comparison essays or illustration essays that can qualify as degree essays is therefore an essential competency for a university student.

Handling the Topic and Structure

One of the most important factors to consider when writing essays is its topic. This would have been clear to most students during the time they spent writing essays in high school. The essay will define the topic. The topic needs to be suitable for the subject studied. Therefore, students need to pay considerable attention to their choices. The next factor is the structure in the essay. As was clear in high school, the structure of an essay will follow the standard five paragraph format. However, the essays will have more than three body paragraphs. Although five paragraphs were sufficient in high school, students will need to use more than three paragraphs for the body of the essay. University essay writing is more advanced and complex than high school writing. Therefore, the subject matter will require more analysis, which will require more words.

A Strong Thesis Statement and Thorough Research

The importance of a strong, well defined thesis statement should be clear to students at this juncture. Degree essays are not essays to take lightly. These coursework writing assignments are very important to the attainment of the degree. The thesis statement formulated, should pave the way for a great essay. It needs to be clear so that the reader understands what the rest of the paper is about. An unclear thesis statement will mean an essay with a low grade. Research is essential for a high-grade essay. Thorough research must be conducted in order to prove the thesis statement. The essays should be well supported by examples, facts and data. Keep in mind that whatever information used, it needs to be cited in the prescribed format. Failure to do so will mean being accused of plagiarism, and this not something any degree student should have to go through.

Writing the Essays

These essays are different from simple 5 paragraph essay assignments done in high school. They differ in their content, subject matter and complexity. The essays at degree level are expected to be well researched and referenced with proper citations. You need to get yourself thoroughly familiarized with essay styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard to apply them to the assignments as required by your university tutors. Writing these essays will require, thorough knowledge of the subject and excellent essay writing skills. Apply what you have learned about the essay process and essay structure diligently to essays you write for your degree coursework.

If you are still struggling with mastering how to write essays, then you will need to work hard on sharpening this skill, if you plan to graduate on schedule along with your class mates. Refer to sample essays and research and thesis papers which are available in your university digital library or in various academic data bases and identify the essay writing style and structuring applied in to these papers. By sharpening your essay writing skills, you can look forward to sailing through your university years.