Nail Your Discussion Essay Right on the Head!

three students sitting on grass dissussing somethingOthers’ Views Matter in a Discussion Essay

If you are in college, your academic path may be quite clustered with many types of essays that you have learned up to now. From high school onwards, your tutors make it a point to assign various types of assignments that call on your essay writing skills. These range from description essay to process essay to reflective essay. The essay assignments increase students’ knowledge of writing as well as the knowledge level of the subject and critical analysis skills. In addition, the process of writing essays help you sharpen your research capabilities, as well as, train you to handle more complex writing such as your final dissertation, later in life. A discussion essay is one of the essay types that will train you to bring out a topic in to open, not only with your own ideas but with what others have spoken on the subject as well. This is in fact what you will be doing in your dissertation discussion chapter and learning how to write essay of this nature will be a boon to you in the future.

Defining the Essay

We all know what “to discuss” means. It is to talk about things. The essay you write will also talk about a topic. This means you will not write to persuade nor convince the reader about your opinion. You are simply discussing certain information, your own vies and also what others think about the topic. Therefore, you need views and opinions of others to back this type of writing. Basically, what you are supposed to do, when assigned this type of essay is to select an interesting topic, use others’ views and opinions and provide the reader with a better understanding of the topic. In other words, you need to enlighten the reader. The views of others do not necessarily have to be positive. They can be either positive or negative. Sometimes, others’ viewpoints may be tedious for the writer and boring for the reader. If you are not careful, your essay could end up being one of the most boring essays ever read! Therefore, try and make the essay as interesting as possible.

The Right Topic Makes a Big Difference

As with all essays, a well thought-out topic can make a significant difference in the final essay outcome. The same is applicable to the discussion essay. Select a topic that can be discussed to your heart’s content. Select a topic that is easy to discuss and interesting. This makes writing the essay easier. Most often, controversial essay topics are the best choices for discussion as there is much to write on and so many facets of opinions. However, all this depends on you. If you are not comfortable discussing issues on abortion, incest, homosexuality etc, you can skip such controversial topics to write. Try and select topics that are closely related to daily life experiences. This makes the essay more real, thereby, making it more interesting. Topics such as terrorism and its causes, capitalism and communism etc make interesting reading.

Writing the Essay

Sometimes, writing the essay can be challenging for most students, especially as the style is not similar to other essays. Hence, the pre-writing stage of the essay is necessary to write an outstanding essay that is worthy of high acclaim. Research your topic carefully and gather as much knowledge as possible. Obtain as many opinions and views of others. Try to make sure that the sources used are reputed. Draw up an outline and adhere to it. This is vital for the organization of the essay. This ensures all relevant information is included in the essay. Ensure that final product is written well and is free of errors.

Writing a discussion essay may seem more difficult than that of other essays. However, with knowledge and dedication, you can be sure to submit an essay worthy of an excellent grade.