A Food Essay is a Piece of Cake!

a place with some noodles, chicken and asparagusThere are a Number of Topics to Write a Food Essay

When you think of food essays you may be thinking “it is a piece of cake”. Well, food essays can be easy or difficult depending on how they are assigned by your tutors. Most often, a food essay is assigned as a part of food and nutrition subject area. It can also be a part of health coursework or under food technology coursework. What is great about this essay is that there is an array of topics you can consider when writing your essay. However, the most important factor of a high-scoring essay is learning how to write essay.

Your essay is about food. This is a word that should conjure images of food in the readers mind. Therefore, you can consider writing the essay as a description essay. For example, if you are describing a type of food, what you are describing should conjure images in the mind of the reader. This is facilitated by use of sensory words. However, food essays are not only about describing various types of food. This essay can also be written on the effects of food on the body and mind, nutritious aspects of food and the preservation of food etc. Below are some methods you can consider when writing your essay.

New Methods of Preserving Food – This is an excellent method of writing your essay. You can provide the reader with various ideas of methods of preserving food. Consider writing this essay as an informative essay as you will be providing the reader with new information.
The Effects of Fast Foods – A food essay written in this manner requires you to provide its merits as well as its demerits. You can write this essay by considering the money factor of fast foods against the health issues related to fast foods such as obesity, high cholesterol etc.
Food and Nutrition – This essay may be written as an analysis essay where you will analyze calories, nutrition and composition of ingredients in certain foods. Your essay can provide useful information to the reader about what he/she should eat for health benefits.
Global Food Crisis – The global food crisis is a topic of great discussion these days. The rising cost of food is a problem faced by the entire world. Your essay can consider factors for the cause of the shortage of food and provide solutions to the problem.
The Packaging of Food – Your essay can also consider the various methods utilized for packaging foods. The proper packaging is necessary for preserving, avoiding contamination and safe transportation of foods. You can write about the different methods of packaging and how failure to abide by the standards can affect the food.
Food and Allergies – Food and allergies is a topic that can concentrate on the medical aspects of food. You will be able to discuss the ingredients that go into making foods and the repercussions of eating foods that cause allergies.

As you can see, a food essay has a number of topics worth discussing. With the information provided on how to write essay, you will be able to submit a well written essay worthy of a high grade.