How to Build a Thesis Statement

Understanding of How to Build a Thesis Statement Makes Essay Writing Easier

There are rules and norms to adhere in academic essay writing, and if you wish to receive impressive grades for the essay, you need to be familiar with these. Essay writing is not something you can begin haphazardly. It is an exercise that requires thoughtful planning and to be done according to a proper process. One of the most vital components to an essay is the essay structure. This includes the introduction, body and the conclusion. The thesis statement is another essential part of an essay. If you wish to learn how to write essay effectively, you need to know how to build a thesis statement.

Defining a Thesis Statement

What is a thesis statement? This is a common question which many high school students ponder even once they have completed their high school education. The thesis statement is a requirement that should be present in any essay from a space essay to a Canada essay. The thesis statement is a sentence informing the readers on the central point of the essay. The thesis statement can be one or two lines but not more than this. The thesis statement informs the readers about the subject matter being discussed in the essay and the writer’s position on the subject matter, in case the essay is argumentative or opinionated in nature.

Parameters of a Thesis Statement

“How do you build a thesis statement”? Building a thesis statement may, sometimes, be as difficult as building a brick and mortar house to many students. However, if you were to consider the fine points involved and be deliberate in your thesis formulation, the outcome is bound to be impressive. Firstly, you need to understand the importance of the thesis statement and its parameters. Every academic essay is expected to contain a clear thesis statement as separate marks will be allocated for a strong thesis statement. Your essay should be based only on what you state in the thesis statement and nothing else. That means you have to brainstorm different angles on writing the essay and take a stand on the position you will take when writing. If you adhere to these parameters, you will be able to build a strong thesis statement.

Building a “Strong” Thesis Statement

Building a “strong” thesis statement is very different from building a thesis statement. A strong thesis statement will bring in a better grade. Hence, you need to know how to build a “strong” thesis statement.
• Understand the essay question by reading it thoroughly and figuring out how to answer the essay question as clearly as possible. Your thesis statement should, without a doubt, answer the essay question.
• A strong thesis statement is an arguable one. It is a strong thesis statement if it allows others to state their points of view. If you have come up with an arguable thesis statement, you are halfway to success.
• A strong thesis statement should not be vague and should not leave the reader feeling tired trying to comprehend what you are trying to say. If you are clear about the position you are taking, you have succeeded in building a strong thesis statement.

If you read and understand this post, you will never have to ask yourself again the question, “how to build a thesis statement?” If you need further clarification, go through our sample gallery and obtain examples of well written essays that will not only provide information on the writing of thesis statements, but also on how to write essay.