Do you know How to Write a Bullying Essay?

essay on bullyingWrite about the Causes and Repercussions of Bullying in the Bullying Essay

Bullying is something that happens in many schools. It is most often laughed off as innocent fun. But is it? There is nothing innocent about bullying. It is a cruel act that affects its recipient in the most awful manner. Bullying is a form of showing disrespect and authority. Children who bully others should be stopped immediately. They can later become worse people. Most criminals were bullies at one point in their lives. A bullying essay is something that is commonly assigned to high school students. If you know how to write essay, you will be able to provide some thoughtful insights into how to stop bullying.

What Exactly is Bullying?

There are various forms of bullying. Your essay can discuss any of these forms. For example, bullying is not only done in schools. It is also done in work places, in the bus or train and even online. Bullying is not only saying things and ridiculing a person. It is also about doing certain things that demean the other person. Bullying is not only about torturing a person physically. It is also about emotional and mental torture. Bullying has dire repercussions. Many people who suffer from multiple personality disorder are in this position because someone, somewhere down the line, bullied this person. Bullying also causes the “bullied” to take drastic measures. How many newspaper articles have been written about boys who shot his class mates because he was bullied?

Topics for the Essay

Now that you understand the various forms of bullying and its repercussions, let’s get down to writing the bullying essay. As usual, you need to select the best topic for the essay. The same considerations that were given to selecting topics for other essays such as a child abuse essay or a child labour essay should be applied to this essay as well. You can consider topics such as
• Victims of bullies
• What makes a bully
• Various forms of bullying
• Bullying in the work place
• Repercussions of bullying
• Life of a bully or a bullied person

Writing the Essay

Your essay requires you to use the same essay structure and format as any other essay. It also requires you to plan out the essay and make it as interesting as possible. However, the bottom line is, your essay needs to address and create awareness in the reader on how bad bullying is. Your essay will be termed as mediocre if you do not address this issue. Write about what you can do to prevent bullying or what the victim and those around the victim should do if they see someone being bullied. The essay can be written as a persuasive essay or a narrative essay. Keep in mind, whatever you write to create sympathy for the victim and help him or her to obtain help if being bullied.

Knowledge of how to write essay is necessary to write a high scoring bullying essay. Go through our sample gallery and you will find many essays to provide insight to you on how you should write your essay.