Domestic Violence Essay – Addressing What Goes Behind Closed Doors and Walls?

picture of a boy with a blue eyeApply your Empathy and Compassion in Writing a Domestic Violence Essay

Domestic violence is a common occurrence in many parts of the world. It is a subject of great controversy, and, therefore, is of significant interest. Students assigned the writing of a domestic violence essay will not be able to cover all aspects dealt within this topic in one essay. However, with the right topic, and written in the proper manner, your essay can be one of the most interesting essays in the class. The essay has to be approached in a chosen style such as argumentative, persuasive or informative essay writing. Let us find out how to write essay for this topic.

The Style of the Essay Sets the Tone for Topics

This type of essay is very broad. Therefore, you need to figure out what area you will discuss in your essay. Are you writing a persuasive essay on domestic violence, an argumentative essay on domestic violence, or a cause and effect essay? The choice of essay style depends on what message you wish to convey to your readers. Below are some topics you can consider in order to write the essay.

• Effect of domestic violence on children.
• Effect on the spouse who goes through domestic violence.
• Is it only wives who are susceptible to domestic violence?
• Is there more to domestic violence than meets the eye?
• Who is to blame for domestic violence?
• Does religion have anything to do with marital rape?
• Domestic violence occurs with verbal abuse too.
• Historic reports on how far domestic violence has traveled.
• Domestic violence does not include only physical abuse.
• Who suffers the most in domestic violence?

Accurate Information is Essential

Whatever style of essay you select, you will need evidence to back your theories. For example, if you are writing an argumentative essay or a persuasive essay, checking the reliability of information, facts and sources that you cite, are crucial. If your sources are not valid, you cannot persuade the reader to agree with your point of view. Include information from government sources, universities, NGOs and international organizations and you will have the reader agreeing with your point of view through the content validity of the essay. In addition, information and statistics through judiciary sources, police departments and independent researchers in universities are also reliable sources you can use to write the domestic violence essay.

Writing the Essay

Writing your essay can be very tricky. Any controversial essay has supporting and opposing viewpoints. If you do not write the essay in an objective manner, as a result, your essay can suffer. For example, if the teacher grading your paper has an opposing viewpoint to your theories, you could get a low grade. Therefore, be very careful with how you write the essay. Always consider the reader when writing the essay. Think what the reader will be feeling. You must never assume your ideas are correct, and you should never imply it in the essay. If you included the right number of reliable sources to back your viewpoint, you can be sure your point of view will be considered valid.

Writing a domestic violence essay is not an easy task. Therefore, you can go through a few samples of essays on domestic violence from our sample gallery. They will help you to write an outstanding essay.