How Long is “Long” when Writing an Extended Essay?

Select an Interesting Topic and You are On Your Way to Writing an Extended Essay

Most often, an assignment that asks students to write a long essay brings dread. How do you write a long essay? Putting words together to form a lengthy piece of paper is a task many students find challenging. However, an extended essay is not very different from a short essay. The only difference is that it is lengthier. Every other aspect of writing this essay is the same as any other. Provided below are some information in how to write essay in order to reduce your stress levels.

Defining the Essay

As the name suggests, this type of essay is a lengthy piece of writing that provides detailed information and facts about a selected topic. The writing of such as essay is an excellent method to polish your analytical and critical skills. This academic essay writing assignment prepares and provides students a basic understanding of how to conduct in-depth, independent research on a topic. This makes writing tasks such as dissertations, research papers and term paper, easier to handle. The most salient features about writing such an essay is the writer’s ability to keep the essay creative and original. This is often, difficult when writing a long essay.

Topics for the Essay

Topics for the extended essay are often provided to students. However, there are instances when you will have to select your topics. You should always select topics that are interesting and familiar to you. This enables you to write better. Therefore, select topics that you are well versed with. For example, a controversial essay topic related to your daily life is an ideal topic for the essay. Controversial topics are interesting to the reader and you. This makes for excellent writing. Topics for the essay include
• Abortion
• Global warming
• Employee motivation
• Child labour
• Terrorism
• Abuse
• Same sex marriages
• Animal testing
• Distance learning etc.

Writing the Essay

Writing the essay is not hard if you know how to do so and if you select the right topic. In addition, your essay requires an outline that will help in its organization. A successful essay requires a proper essay structure. The introduction must be interesting, brief, to the point and relevant to the essay theme. Come up with a good thesis statement and base your essay body on arguing the merits of the thesis statement. Remember, every source used to add authenticity to your viewpoints must be cited in the Reference section of your essay paper. The body of the essay should flow smoothly, and data and information must be presented logically and clearly. Keep in mind, a cohesive essay carries the reader from one topic to another without disruption. The conclusion of the essay must be specific and leave the reader clear on your views regarding the topic.

Learning how to write essay is vital for students who are preparing for their long essay writing to enter into the IB program. By practising the writing of the extended essay, they will be able to polish their writing skills in order to submit an exemplary essay that will get them high grades.