Writing a Nursing Scholarship Essay

Learn to Write a Persuasive Nursing Scholarship Essay

Students interested in pursuing a career in nursing and requiring financial aid with their studies can apply for nursing scholarships. There are various organizations, both governmental and private, that offer financial aid to undergraduate and graduate students wishing to pursue nursing studies. Although there are many nursing scholarships, each has their own requirements. There are also many students who will apply for these scholarships. Therefore, it is vital that you understand the requirements and eligibility criteria before applying. One of the requirements of obtaining a nursing scholarship is the writing of the nursing scholarship essay. This plays a crucial role in gaining the scholarship and you need to masters the knowledge of how to write essay for scholarships if you are to increase your chances of success.

Topics assigned for the Essay

One of the first factors you will come across when writing any form of scholarship essay is to come up with a good topic. Most often, your topic will be provided to you by way of prompts. The scholarship essay for nursing, most often, takes the form of a personal statement essay. Hence, it is necessary that all students writing this essay highlight their personal characteristics relevant and pertaining to the nursing profession. However, students must not appear to be blowing their own trumpet too hard. The aim of your essay is to receive the funding or scholarship necessary to continue your nursing studies. You have to prove your suitability for receiving the scholarship by convincing the Selection Board that you are the best candidate to receive the award. Therefore, a convincing essay has to be written, without appearing to be too self cantered or bragging, yet, showing how your traits and values match the needs of the profession. Your skills, capabilities and special achievements must be showcased in the essay in the most naturally flowing manner. This is where your writing skills come into use.

How to Write the Essay

Your nursing scholarship essay will be one of hundreds of essays. Therefore, you need to make sure that the essay is an outstanding one. This means it should be noticed at once by the reader. Make sure the essay introduction grabs the reader’s attention. This is the only way to ensure your essay will be noticed. It is true the essay has to be written in a persuasive manner. However, you should avoid over emphasizing your achievements. Avoid sounding arrogant and opinionated in the essay. The profession of nursing requires humble persons who have compassion. They should be multi-taskers who can work under stress. There is no room for arrogance or impatience in the life of a nurse. This characteristic must come through in the essay. However, avoid stating the obvious. You cannot write that you want to help sick people. This is what your profession is. Rather, use words that highlight this concept without exactly pointing it out to the Board.

Samples of Essays may Help

Writing essays can be extremely stressful to many students. Although these students are conversant with everything about nursing, they may not be skilled in the art of writing. These students should go through some sample essays. Samples of essays will provide students learn how to write essay. You too will be able to write excellent essays if you obtained the proper samples.

Writing a nursing scholarship essay may not be a difficult task once you understand the requirements. If you wish to gain financial support to achieve your dream of becoming a nurse, you need to practice writing the essay as often as possible. With knowledge and practice you will be able to submit an outstanding essay.