How to Tackle an ICT Essay on Impact of Computers on Society

ICT Essays Needs to be Informative and Interesting at the Same Time

Sometimes, writing a computer technology essay can be extremely tough. It can also be boring for the reader if it is full of computer jargon which only an ICT person will understand. This is why you need to write you ICT essay in an informative yet interesting manner. Choosing a relevant and interesting topic will take you half way up the hill. Here are few essay writing tips to score well in this assignment where we have chosen to address the impact of computers on society.

The Cultural Impact of Computer Technology

There is no question about it. Computer technology is making a significant impact on cultural change in society. When you are going on this line of writing, there are some factors to consider. For example, you need to consider the connection of the past to today’s conditions, examine the relationship between innovation and a country’s standard of living, assess how computer technology has changed the job market, and in doing so, how this change has affected society etc. Bottom line is you have to provide significant evidence to the fact that you do agree that computer technology has made a significant impact on our culture or a culture of a country. If you do not agree with this theory, you need to provide valid evidence to this argument too. You can also write the essay as a pros and cons essay on computer technology’s impact on society.

How does the Advancement in Computer Technology Affect a Country?

This way of handling your ICT essay on the Impact of Computers on society allows you to provide the many advantages and disadvantages of computer technology to a country and its society. Many first-world countries are way ahead of computer technology advancements than that of third-world countries. You can consider some of these questions when writing the essay.
• Does being more advanced in computer technology enable a country to move forward?
• Does it give the country in question more authority on others?
• Should other countries worry about the advancement in computer technology of this country?

Computer Technology and its Effect on Today’s Youth

Computers are considered indispensable tools by many of today’s youth. They are unable to leave their homes without a gadget of some sort in their hands. There are many factors to consider when writing your essay in this manner. For example, you can write about how computer technology is making today’s youth lazy. They do not venture into the world to see things for themselves. They would rather sit in their homes and experience the blooming of flowers via YouTube! They become fat and obese as a result of inactivity. However, on the plus side, you can talk about how much today’s youth are learning due to the advancement of computer technology and how informed and knowledgeable they are because of it.

Your ICT essay can be an extremely interesting essay to not only read but to write as well. It can be an extremely informative and definitely interesting one that shows deep analysis of the subject and validation through evidence. To do well in the assignment, fine tune your essay writing skills by going through as many examples of essays as possible. Provide the proper information and evidence and do not forget to cite your sources. If you adhere to the proper rules of essay writing, you can submit an outstanding essay.